The power of habit summary

The power of habit (Summary)

Why is it so easy to keep detrimental behaviors?

Why is it so difficult to adopt and maintain healthy ones?

You begin your endeavors hoping to make positive changes in your life. Then, you end up stuck because you subconsciously get in your way. Your old conditioning interferes with your new programming. 

Why does it happen?

In The power of habit, Charles Duhigg conveys a powerful message. The main takeaway from this book is this: If you don’t like your results (in life or in business), you can change them by changing your habits.

The book is divided into three parts:

  1. The Habits of Individuals 
  2. The Habits of Successful Organizations 
  3. The Habits of Societies 

There’s a bonus section as well, the appendix. It serves as a guide to help you understand how to apply the theory.

The power of habit – Part I – The habits of individuals

In the first two chapters, you learn that you need to understand your habits to control them. The best way to understand them is by learning about the habit loop. 

Those chapters essentially explain how habits work.

In chapter three, you get to learnĀ how to change habits. I included the framework from the appendix in that article.

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