Do you want to create a business system you don’t dread using?

I’m Emmanuel Leroy and I believe systems will help you consistently create and deliver value to your audience.

You need to understand the foundation you’re building on is your habits. They’re the building blocks of the systems you want to create. It’s essential to find the flaws in the foundation and address them so that we can build something that lasts.

I believe it’s crucial to address the underlying issues (bad habits) that are likely to cause you problems in the system creation process.

I’ll be curating content on habits to help you on your journey. I’ll guide you through the perspectives of several authors. To enable you to identify and change your bad habits, I’ll provide you with my takeawaystutorials, and tools.

By using my FREE habit journal, you’ll be able to document, track, and change your existing habits. Afterward, we’ll be able to create systems that are compatible with the way you naturally work.

Why do I believe this is the right course of action?

Your habits can make or break your systems. They can work for or against what you’re trying to build.

Your good habits create unfair advantages. You’re usually not aware that you have them. But, they serve as the foundation that makes it possible to have results.

If you want to win, you should figure out your strengths. Identify your weaknesses (bad habits). Turn them into assets that serve you.

Your strengths are the result of your good habits. Choose to be aware of them. They’re the foundation of everything you want to build for yourself.

Don’t try to fit in someone else’s mold. Figure out what shapes you and mold yourself into something truly special to those you want to serve.

I believe this is the path to take to have the least amount of friction when building what truly matters to you. I want to provide you with the structure and the tools you need to create value.

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